Austria shall be filled with the KNOWLEDGE of God's glory!


Jesus spoke to Brother Hagin and said, "Go teach my people faith!" At Rhema Austria we are doing just that. Following this God given mandate we are striving to fill Austria and our world with the KNOWLEDGE of God's glory! We are persuaded that before Jesus returns for His Bride, there will be a great global revival in which millions will be saved. We are training men and women to fulfill their specific callings in this end time harvest. There is a great need for well trained and qualified workers in Europe. Do you sense God calling you to do something meaningful and of eternal value with your life?


Maybe there's a desire in your heart to do the works of Jesus! Maybe you just want to understand the Bible better so that you will be a greater blessing to your family, your church and your city. Whatever God's plan for your life might be, Rhema Austria can help you to fulfill it. The solid foundation in the word of God that you will receive here will prepare you to overcome the challenges of life and become an effective servant of Jesus Christ.


RBTZA is an international, interdenominational Bible training center with Pentecostal-Charismatic roots and theology. We place a great value on the integrity of the Bible as well as the power of the Holy Spirit. We are a "Faith School". You will receive a strong foundation in theology but not just head knowledge or lifeless information. With the help of God's Holy Spirit, it is our goal to impart truths that are both alive and life changing. Revelation knowledge of the truth will set you free and enable you to help others find freedom in Jesus Christ. Together we can fill Austria and our world with the KNOWLEDGE of God's glory!