Austria shall be filled with the KNOWLEDGE of God's glory!


Rhema Bible Training College was founded in 1974 by Kenneth E. Hagin. As a young minister, he read an article by an older Bible School professor who said, "80% of what we teach in our Bible Schools and Seminaries is unusable." After reading that article he thought to himself, "Someone should start a school that concentrate on the 20% that is usable!" So from the very beginning, Rhema has concentrated on the usable and practical aspects of theology and ministerial training.



Kenneth W. Hagin and his wife Lynette are responsible for developing  Rhema's faith imparting curriculum. Today the continue to maintain the spirit of excellence that has made Rhema one of the most effective Bible Colleges in the world. Since it's inception in 1974, Rhema has trained more than 50,000 workers for God's harvest fields. Rhema graduates are serving in more than 100 countries in both fivefold and supportive ministries in churches on every continent.



Fred and Judy Lambert (both graduates of Rhema USA) moved ot Wels, Austria in 1994 to help a fellow Rhema graduate from Austria build a church and Bible School. It was their desire to build a Bible Training Center with the same principles and curriculum that they had received during their training at Rhema. In February 2000, the school became the official Austrian Campus of Rhema USA. More than 550 students have completed the Basic Training at Rhema Austria and more than 350 have the Advanced Training. Many are serving in fivefold and supportive ministries in churches in Austria, while others are taking the message of faith to surrounding countries and unto the uttermost parts of the earth.